Tamás Herczeg



He started working at VIDEOTON Holding HQ in 2007 on the Business Development Department as Junior Project Manager where he was involved in different tasks such as business modelling, acquisition negotiations and supported the start of a brownfield investment. After that he started to work at VTCD Kft. and in a Succession Management Program he became Managing Director of the company in 2011. His main focus was on crisis management as due to the heavy drop in demands for CD-DVD products the company had to be restructured and downsized and later on the business model was switched from production company to sales house.

In 2014 he also started to work at VT Plastic Kft. where he was responsible for all business accounts and for pricing. From August 2018 he became co-Managing Director together with Mr. Zsolt Gerber. As a split of tasks he is mainly responsible for Finance, HR, Business Development and Business Process Efficiency. He appraise rational thinking and puts massive focus on system building and team working.

In personal life he plays sports regularly, interested in IT developments and gastronomy and likes to read. He lives in Székesfehérvár with his wife and his 2 kids.