Design and Engineering

We support our customers in the final stages of their product development by proposing ideas, hints to modify the design such a way that would make the product manufactureable and/or testable on a more optimal way, e.g. faster or at lower cost.
Obviously we offer complete industrialization and production support engineering as well.

Our NPI includes

  • Single window project management,
  • Tool management
    • Designing plastic molds and stamping tools
    • Making tools in-house or source from Far East
  • Supply chain management
  • Working out assembly, test and packaging concepts,
  • Developing and manufacturing assembly lines, testers, and special purpose machines/tools,
  • Prototyping, including 3D printing,
  • Support in product validation

Production support engineering

  • Optimizing manufacturing process to lower costs
  • Value-add engineering
  • Change management in production and in documentation

Rendering above services needs experience in

Electrical and electronical design

  • Circuitry, Hardware, software and firmware,
  • Communication standards, interfaces, buses
  • Digital signal processing, video processing
  • Mechatronics
  • Measuring and remote data processing,
  • Data base management for traceabiity

Mechanical design

  • Designing plastic and metal parts,
  • Designing cases, housings

Face lifting, and Reverse engineering of existing products