István Lak

Director, Consumer and PCBA


I was born at Budapest in 1955 as the only child of my parents. Few years later we moved to Szekesfehervar, where I completed my primary and secondary schooling.
I continued my studies at the University of Technology on Faculty of Electrical Engineering an graduated there on Microwave transmission and broadcusting specialization.
In addtion to electrical engineering, I also studied subjects of teacher of engineering, and worked at the Telecommunication Reasearch Institute as a part timer.
Started working as a product developer at the Radio Factory of Videoton in 1980, designed communication equipment for military applications. Later I became a group leader, then head of the system design department that developed electronic warfare systems, which were exported to developing countries. In addition to delivering the systems, after sales services were also sold in the form of free maintenance, training and technology transfer and these were provided by a team engineers stationed in the Buyer’s country. I was appointed head of such service team and moved to India in 1990 with my family. Besides providing technical support and interfacing to the end User, as a local representative of Videoton I had to take care of foreign trading, i.e contracting, financials and banking, see-, air- and surface transport, curstoms issues, travels, logistics, etc., so I had to learn a lot more beyond electronics.
Having this business cooperation finished after spending 10 years in India I moved back to Hungary in 2000 and continued working for VIDEOTON as director of project management in business development of the company grooup.
My job was to find and put together manufacturing cooperations for the manufacturing companies of the group. This includes setting up wide range of matters, coordinating many technical, technogical, financial, legal, logistical, HR, etc. areas until serial production ramps up.
Additionally I also led our Development Institute from 2004 for 10 years, where I directed the work of strong engineering teams designing and manufacturing automatic assembly and testing machines mainly for producing automotive electronic products.
Since 2014 I work as director, business development, am responsible for production of consumer goods and electronics used in them.
With my wife, we share and enjoy love of our two daughters and six grandsons.