Gyula Badacsonyi

Chief Engineering for Efficiency Analysis, Director


In 1979 I graduated from the Technical University of Heavy Industry, in Miskolc, as a mechanical engineer in machinery manufacturing technology faculty. I found job as a production development engineer at VTEV Radio Factory. I dealt with cutting technologies, measurement technologies, later on with machine and instrument investments, and then installation investments as well. After the cease of the state-owned enterprise structure, during the change of regime and privatization I participated in production management tasks in the electromechanical manufacturing project of the Philips RCD plant at the EKG Kft.
In 1994, I joined the Holding HQ as an Investment Chief Engineer, beside the Videoton investment projects, I also managed the accomplishment of facilities for the IBM projects in Székesfehérvár and Veszprém.
As of today I work as a chief engineer for efficiency analysis, and I am still involved in development and investment projects too.
I am also managing director of Pannonfacility Kft. taking care of technical facility management, and VIDEOTON Business Center Kft. operating VIDEOTON Education Center (VOK).