Attila Vámosi

Managing Director


Born in 1975 in Székesfehérvár. He graduated from Széchenyi István College in Győr in 1996 as a mechanical engineer. After graduation, he started working at VT Informatika Kft., then he worked in the Research and Deveopment of VIDEOTON Holding Rt.
In 2000 he returned to the Special Machine Business Unit of VT Informatika Kft. as a development engineer, later he held the position of Head of Engineering and finally Head of business unit.
During his leadership the business unit became an independent, separate firm. He has been Managing Director of the VT-ASYST Kft. since the beginning. VT-ASYST Kft. works in industrial automation. They design and produce customized, special purpose machines, robot cells, test equipments.
Besides leading VT-ASYST Kft. he is also MD of the Serbian based VT-ASYST SRB. d.o.o. which has been active in the same line of business. Further on he is also co-Managing Director of the Tipa Kft. based in Győr.

“I’ve been doing the same work for 20 years. I build special purpose machines. Nowadays, more robots and servos are included, but the point is the same. With a little exaggeration I would say that I have had ”the same desk” since the beginning and fortunately also I have been working with the same colleagues … ”