VT ES supports the fight against the virus with 3D printed components

The VIDEOTON-member company VT ES Ltd., located in Székesfehérvár, Hungary started to co-operate with a company specialised in the development and manufacturing of SLA 3D printers in 2016.

Due to the co-operation, they have manufactured printers for this partner for more than 2 years, while nowadays the company takes care of the product-related service activities. The production of devices for medical use by 3D printing is not a new approach, so came the idea that VT ES should search for a field of application where they can use this increasingly widespread component manufacturing solution to fight the COVID-19 virus.

After deep engineering understanding of the possibilities the company started to produce printed parts for two types of technical solutions. One of these helps to transform the diving masks marketed by a well-known sport equipment store chain into medical protective masks. The 3D printed elements essential for the transformation of the mask are produced by using a biocompatible resin, applied also in oral surgery. The modification of the diving mask requires 2 pieces of 3D printed parts, one of which isolates the valve at the mouth, the other, the so-called adapter can be fitted on top of the mask and 2 HME filters can be connected to it, which prevent 99.9+% of viruses from entering the human body.

Following the production and testing of one-one samples of the so-transformed mask, VT ES plans to make 40 small and 60 large masks, of which the intensive-care unit of the Fejér Megyei Szent György Hospital (FMK) has already received 10 pieces in different sizes.

The other technical solution can be used to modify a simpler breathing mask into a venturi mask which makes it possible to provide the appropriate ratio of oxygen-air mixture without a respirator. To reach this, using an online basic design, all you need to do is to print a single valve from the same resin they used in the solution presented above. The intensive-care unit of FMK received 10 pieces of the masks made by this solution.

In addition, the Dél Pesti Centrum Hospital also expressed its interest to the management of VIDEOTON, and so far VT ES has provided them with 10 samples of the venturi valve required for simpler masks.

Both applications are provided for free by Videoton.