Reaching out to those in need


Donation for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey

One of the biggest natural disasters in recent years occurred at dawn on 6 February 2023, when an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck Syria and Turkey. More than 46,000 people were killed, thousands seriously injured and 345,000 homes have been destroyed.

Following the disaster, our company was approached by the Turkish Embassy to contribute to the relief efforts as much as we could. On the basis of a pre-established list, a total of two aid packages were prepared by the VDA and the Industrial Park staff.

The first shipment of essential medical equipment and medicines, worth nearly 13 500 €, was prepared by the Industrial Park Company's Health Service and arrived by air the week after the earthquake, with the assistance of VT Artrans. The second consignment of more than 30 000 € worth of survival and rescue equipment such as masks, hand sanitisers, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, flashlights and portable batteries, procured by the disaster management experts of the VDA and VIDEOTON Industrial Park Company, was also delivered by Artrans to the Turkish partner.

Our staff also made a donation for those in need

VIDEOTON's factories in Kaposvár and Marcal joined the collection campaign for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey. Our employees collected donations worth nearly 1.5 million HUF, including 40 headlamps, almost 20 bags of warm outerwear for children and adults, countless amount of blankets, and a huge amount of baby food, baby formula, diapers and toiletries collected in boxes.

Thank you to everyone who donated their time and efforts to help the victims of this tragedy.

Assistance in the region

Unfortunately, help is also needed closer to home, in Ukraine. Rativci, Velyki Heyivtsi, and Sjurte are mostly Hungarian villages in the vicinity of Uzhhorod, which have been supported by VIDEOTON since 2015, usually twice a year. From the total amount of more than € 120 000 donated so far, the villages have purchased food aid packages for families with children under 14 years of age. 2022 was also a particularly difficult year for Carpathia: due to the shortage of goods caused by the war, 15 pallets of aid packages were assembled in Hungary in the spring, and the last time we were able to send a donation of around € 12 000 was in December 2022. This aid is now helping not only the local people but also the hundreds of refugees from eastern and central Ukraine who have been displaced by the war.