Miklós Pogácsás

Managing Director


He was born in 1975 in Hajdúnánás.
He started to work at VENTIFILT ZRt. in 1999 as a designer trainee/constructor.
He received his degree in 2000 at the University of Miskolc, as mechanical engineer.
Like a young designer engineer started to design the air-engineering appliances manufactured by the company. He assisted their site assemblies and putting in service.
At the beginning of year 2000 he participated in introduction & applying of new designing software called AutoCad Mechanical 2D & Autodesk Inventor 3D.
As designer & project manager he collaborated in the own designed projects & product portfolio development.
From the year 2013 he worked as technical and logistics director at another company which manufactures chemical/ pharmaceutical machines.
In the year 2018 he returned to VENTIFILT and started to work as technical director.
From the year 2020 he works as managing director of VENTIFILT.
He spends his free time with his family with pleasure. His favourite hobbies are reading, cycling and gadgeteering.