Mátyás Dósa

Managing Director, VT Artrans Ltd., VT ARRIVA Ltd., VT QUARC Ltd., Bus-Service Ltd.


He was born in Székesfehérvár in 1959.

– Communications industry qualification
– Production technologist engineer (BDGMF)
– Organizer engineer (BDGMF)
– Engineer – industrial engineer (PSZF)
– Chartered accountant
Since he working, his activities are related to the VIDEOTON Group. He managed VIDEOTON Service Ltd., Videoton Plastic Ltd., VT RELÉ Ltd. and Videoton FC Ltd. Now he managing VT Artrans Ltd., VT ARRIVA Ltd., VT QUARC Ltd. and Bus-Service Ltd.
Now the most significant company of the managed companies is VT ARRIVA Ltd.
35% of public bus transportation of Budapest is operated by the company with 450 modern buses, so VT ARRIVA is one of the most important public transportation company in Hungary.
He is father of three children.