Katalin Glázerné Horváth

Property Management Director


Graduated from the Technical University of Budapest’s full-time course as a Chemical Engineer and part-time evening course as an Engineering Teacher in 1976.
As she always strove to widen her knowledge, she acquired a certificate of higher education in Foreign Trade in Goods in 1991, then graduated from the College of Finance and Accounting as an economist in 1995.
She was forced to leave her first job due to the crisis affecting the sector, and finally joined VIDEOTON in 1994.
After a short spell at the Strategic Development Institute, she was delegated to the Economic Directorate.
In 1997, she was entrusted with property management tasks – taking shape at the time – and the organisation of the area, which she has been heading ever since.
A technical group was set up at the Property Management Directorate in 1999 further extending its tasks, and by today making it one of the units within the Holding Centre with the most complex area of competence and the most diverse team of experts.