István Éliás

Managing Director


He was born in 1958.
Diplomas: 1979 – Metal structure production; 1990 – System Organization; 1995 – engineer-teacher.
His first job from 1979 was production planning engineer at the VIDEOTON Radio Factory, then plant manager, from 1981. From 1993 he worked as technical and production manager at VT-Rendszertechnika Kft.
Since 2008 he has been the managing director of VT-Rendszertechnika Kft. With his management the company has grown from a few hundred million to billions in revenue.
His active leading role in the construction of the R.K. church in Balatonakarattya is outstanding among his social activities.
His hobby is architecture and reading books, he regularly sports, swims, rides, sails.
His two grown-up children with higher education and eight grandchildren make his days happy.