Imre Király

Managing director


He was born in Hajdúböszörmény in 1961. He graduated from the Veszprém University of Chemical Industry as a chemical engineer, then, studying parallel to working, from the Budapest University of Technology as a Microelectronical Applied Chemistry Specialist Engineer. He started his career as a development engineer in the field of surface treatment at VIDEOTON Chemical Factory in 1985. From 1992, he was the head of the technical department, and as a technical chief engineer he was involved in the reorganization and modernization of surface treatment and the introduction of new technologies at the newly established VT Galvano Plastic Kft. Since 1997 he has been the Managing Director of VT Galvano Plastic Kft. and, after a merger, the Managing Director of the successor VT METAL Kft. Over the past few years, due to a significant expansion and implementation of new and self-developed new technologies, the surface treatment business unit of VT METAL Kft. has become the largest surface treatment service company in the country.