Gábor Löbmann

VT Metal Kft. Mechanics business unit Deputy Director


He was born in Szentendre in 1981. He graduated from the Budapest Economics University Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism in German language as an economist in 2004.
He started to work as a logistics manager in Ikarus Pressing Technology Kft.in 2003.
He joined VIDEOTON’s team as a deputy director at the newly formed Heavy Press Automotive Kft. in 2005. Here he was responsible for the management of foreign trade business development and maintenance.
In June 2009 he moved to Székesfehérvár and continued working as a Project Manager at the Videoton Holding International Projects Department. Via this new position he got in touch with the Mechanics business unit of VT Metal Ltd., where he has been deputy director since 2010.
VT Metal Kft. Mechanics business unit deals with the production of medium and large series machined products for the automotive and electrical industries.