Gábor Káldi

Director of controlling


He was born in Zalaszentgrót in 1970. He graduated from the Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Microelectronics and Technology as an electric engineer in 1994, and from the College of Finance and Accounting as an economist in 1998. After a short Budapest by-pass, he arrived at the Controlling Department in Videoton in 1998. He started to work as a project manager, coordinating the implementation of the production management system used by several companies in the group even today. Parallel to this, he began to deal also with the traditional areas of controlling, applying the engineering perspective in the financial field too. In 2000, after the retirement of his predecessor, he became the head of controlling, and has been leading this field ever since. Under his leadership the technological and organizational renewal of the controlling system in the company group was accomplished. The development of the system is continuous, but today there is time also for other project-like tasks that are closely or broadly related to controlling.
His spare time is filled by his 3 children, in case, however, he still have time, he enjoys reading, traveling, visiting basketball, hockey and soccer matches.