Csaba Klambauer

Managing Director, VIDEOTON EAS Kft.


Born in 1970. He graduated from the Faculty of College of Dunaújváros at the University of Miskolc as a mechanical plant engineer then he continued his studies in the fields of technical teaching.
He started his career at Videoton in August 1994 as the logistics manager of the wire harnessing plant in Veszprém which started back then.
In 1997 he started to work at the Székesfehérvár plant of VIDEOTON where he became the head of the Texas project. From December 1998 he worked at VIDEOTON Electromechanics Kft. as a deputy manager of Production and Logistics then later as a deputy managing director.
He participated in the restart of the Sárbogárd plant of Videoton in 2001.
He was the founding member of VIDEOTON Electronic Assembly Services (VEAS) Company in 2004 where he worked as a deputy general manager. In 2006 he took over the management of the company and from 2008, since the change in the legal form of the company, he has been working as a managing director.
VIDEOTON EAS Kft. manufactures electronic units on behalf of small & medium-size European companies as well as multinational customers. Its product portfolio is remarkably broad; it manufactures 600-800 different types of products for almost 30 customers. Continuously expanding its manufacturing and other services, VEAS is a professional player of the electronics industry.