Covid-19 pandemic: information on the measures introduced by VIDEOTON

The epidemic, commonly known as the (new) coronavirus, reaching also Europe now, poses a huge challenge to the affected countries, health systems, institutes, companies and individuals alike. Unfortunately, the virus has caused diseases even in Hungary and Bulgaria; therefore, restrictive measures not used since the change of regime have been imposed.

In addition to the safe operation and the compliance with its obligations to the partners, it is the health of employees, which is the most important to Videoton. Hence, we implemented the following measures:
Health protection measures:

  • Long before the pandemic and emergency situation was declared, we equipped our plants, offices and public areas with hand disinfection stations and shared information materials on the effective defense with our colleagues.
  • We constantly disinfect our buildings.
  • Travels abroad and visits from abroad were reduced or eliminated.
  • In order to reduce personal contacts, we make extensive use of part and/or full time home office option for all our employees whose job allows it. We provide our employees with all the assets they need to work from home.
  • We provide continuous hand disinfection options and facemasks to our colleagues.
  • We have reduced the number external visits to our sites to the necessary minimum.
  • We constantly monitor and analyze the situation, keep contact with local and national governing bodies, and fully comply with the regulations.

Information related to the operation of our subsidiaries:
Our production companies have previously experienced the difficulties caused by the pandemic in the supply chains; so far, however, all VIDEOTON plants have been operating smoothly. Due to its diversified activities, VIDEOTON group is involved in several various market segments, unfortunately however, many of our partners (mainly in the automotive industry) have already stopped or reduced their production. This affected the following VIDEOTON companies:

  • VT Autoelectronics Kft. operates with reduced capacity between 06 and 19 April 2020 to follow the shutdown of the automotive producers known from the press.
  • VT Metal Kft. switches to reduced weekly production in the surface treatment facilities supplying also the automotive industry. In the first week of April, this means a day off in production on Thursday and Friday working days, during which plant maintenance tasks are performed. Depending on the orders received later on, the company expects to keep the production capacity at this reduced level and go on with the 3-4 working days per week operation.

The above capacity limitations are only and exclusively because of the customer requirements. We are able to meet customer demands in terms of both material and labour force availability.
Although we cannot influence external factors and situation the changes from day to day, so further steps may be necessary, which require new solutions. Despite the changed circumstances and the emergency, our colleagues are persistently facing the challenges, thus we have been able to deliver on schedule without interruption so far. Once again, we thank our colleagues for making this possible.
Certainly, we will continue to provide transparent and prompt information on our virus-related steps and position to our employees and partners.