• 1990


  • 1989

    New logo.

  • 1988

    Decentralization, development of the holding structure. The region's first CD factory was established (Glória). Involving foreign partners. (Bull, Philips, ITT)


  • 1987

    Purchasing the know-how of the colour TV from Thomson.

  • 1982

    Development of military electronics reconnaissance systems.

  • 1981

    New name: VIDEOTON Electronical Company.

  • 1980

    Sound box production for Akai Electric (the first cooperation between Japan and a COMECON country).

  • 1972

    Start of color television production. Establishment of IT customer service for domestic and foreign markets.

  • 1971

    Foundation of VIDEOTON Development Institute.

  • 1969

    Company organization modernization - establishment of product-oriented factory organizations.

  • 1968

    Joining the Central Computer Development Program, purchasing a French computer manufacturing license. Establishment of Videoton Industrial Foreign Trade Company. New name: VIDEOTON Radio and Television Factory. New logos.

  • 1961

    New name: Electric Ttelevision and Radio Equipment Factory. New logo.

  • 1959

    Start of production of B&W televisions.

  • 1955

    Launch of production of radio receivers and military combat transceivers.

  • 1954

    Termination of artillery production.

  • 1949

    Restart ammunition manufacturing.

  • 1948


  • 1945

    New name: Hunting Cartridge Factory. New logo.

  • 1944

    Installation of the company's production equipment abroad.

  • 1938

    Company foundation. Hunting Cartridge, Clapper, Detonator and Metal Goods Factory Co. New logo.