Erika Mayer



Qualified business engineer, charted process engineer and energeticist and is also a chartered accountant and pricing expert. Started her career at VIDEOTON in 1978. Her first job was with the Radio Manufacturing Unit of Videoton. Has been an associate of VIDEOTON’s Industrial Park Company since 1994, held the positions of finance director and general deputy director and has been company director since 2014. In addition to her role as company director she has been appointed as managing director of both VT-Egészségcentrum Kft. And VT-BRG Kft. since 2007 and 2015 respectively.
VIDEOTON’s Industrial Park Company fulfils a complex set of tasks within the Videoton portfolio with a prime objective of maintaining the secure and uninterrupted supply of utilities within and to VIDEOTON’s industrial parks whilst enabling the sustainable development of supply networks. In addition to purchasing and forwarding the required volumes of electricity and gas Videoton’s Industrial Park Company also provides for the efficient provision of central heating, production and supply of compressed air as well as water supply and drainage services. Its activities also encompass the operation of telephone and data transmission networks, occupational health services, construction, refurbishment and embellishment works, landscaping as well as security and access control activities.
She and her team are all committed to employing environment-friendly solutions. Her objective is to secure cost-efficient services and supplies to a pool of over 300 customers in order to maintain competitiveness.