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Special machine business unit of VT Informatika Kft starts year 2011 with investment and extension

VT ASYST 04Special machine business unit of VT Informatika Kft started this year with buying new machines and moving the whole business unit to a larger hall. The new hall is about 300 m2 larger than the previous place the business unit had, so not only the working area is better structured but also the space appropriate for assembling the special purpose machines is larger than before. Beyond the altogether 40 million HUF extension of the machine park the Special machine business unit plans to employ further people in the first quarter. The machining staff is expected to be increased by 10%, the number of mechanicians is expected to be doubled. This increase in the number of employees is justified also by the increase in the income expected for this year. According to the forecasts the orders for 2011 will be higher than in the up to now most successful year 2009. Contemporaneously the company decided to increase the volume of small series component production in order to make the load of the machines smoother.
The Special machine business unit of VT Informatika Kft in co-operation with the central Development Dept. produces primarily test equipment, production and final control lines to the production and functional testing of various, mainly automotive units. The machines are designed and produced based on individual specifications, according to the needs of customers. The company is among the few capable to offer complete solution from design through part production and assembly to installation.
The number of employees in the Special machine business unit of VT Informatika as of today is 50, while the number of customers is above 20.  Main partners of the business unit are the prominent suppliers of the automotive industry but the factory produces several items also to other fields, for example to the production of mobile phones, electric motors. Major partners: Valeo, Denso, Grundfos, Videoton member companies, etc.

Iron production for Braun started at VT Elektro-PLAST

uj braun csarnokThe production of irons for Braun started at the Kaposvár site of Videoton Holding Zrt in the summer of 2007.  A new production hall of 5000 m2 was built and technical investments took place related to the project. Beside the transfer and modernisation of the assembly lines, Videoton purchased new 2K moulding machines and designed, produced and/or have special purpose equipment produced.
Due to the new business the factory in Kaposvár is expected to produce more than 4 million complete household and budy care products for Philips and Braun using about 800 moulds on 87 moulding machines in 32 000m2 production and logistics area in year 2008.