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D&B Diamond Certificate to Videoton

d b certificateVideoton Holding ZRt received the highest, diamond level certification from Dun & Bradstreet in “reliable business partner” category.  The diamond certificate warrants that the economic risk of starting business co-operation with Videoton Holding ZRt is minimal because the company has continuously been in the lowest risk, Rating 1 category of D&B for three years.
The Dun Bradstreet, leading business information service worldwide, defines the risk of the companies based on its private, full range database involving all economic subjects, applying the following factors: financial data, payment information gathered in the Dun trade programme, demographic data and further information collected.
This D&B certificate, achieved due to Videoton’s excellent rating, proves that the operation and improvement of Hungary’s largest industrial company owned by Hungarian private persons is stable and continuous even in the uncertain economic environment.


1 billion HUF revenue increase in the Videoton company group

legifotoThe Videoton company group increased its last year’s turnover with one billion HUF; following the 89.2 billion HUF in year 2010, reached 90.2 billion HUF in 2011.  Last year’s EBIT (Earnings before Interest and Taxes) was similar to the one reached in 2010; 6.7 billion HUF in year 2010 and 6.69 billion HUF in 2011. Earnings before taxes reached 8.6 billion HUF last year, compared to the 8.1 billion HUF in year 2010.
The company group employs roughly 8000 people altogether; the number of employees did not change last year in Hungary compared to year 2010, in Bulgaria however – as one of the main customers stopped its operation – decreased with 400 people.
Videoton extended its production capacities and gained several new businesses last year, which significantly contributed to the successfulness of the largest industrial company in Hungarian private ownership.
Two years ago the company group started an intense technological expansion, in the frame of which Videoton realised a 5 billion HUF investment last year.
This year, due to several new businesses and the exchange rate fluctuation, in spite of the shrinking European EMS market, Videoton increased its revenue with 2-3% in Euro and 8% in HUF compared to the similar period in 2011. The number of employees increased with 300 compared to end of last year.
The investment programme started two years ago in the company group continues still today; Videoton made an investment of 1 billion HUF up to now in 2012.  Roughly half of this investment is carried out in the Videoton companies making electronic assembly, working for the automotive industry and industrial electronics but there are improvements in the whole verticality. In the rest of the year the majority of the investment is not related to the electronic assembly segment. Videoton, being capitally strong, financed and finances the improvements from its own resources.  The value of this year’s developments – in spite of the expected slowdown of the European economy – is planned to reach 4 billion HUF.
For year 2012 Videoton does not plan new acquisitions but concentrates on the integration of two earlier acquired, successful businesses – a filter system and a fine mechanical systems production company.

Videoton's involvement in product development

vt kozpontVideoton, as one of the leading contract manufacturers in Europe, considers it an important part of its strategy to become a partner of its customers in the field of not only production but also product development.
The Videoton group supplies several various products to lots of different industrial branches, so beside the continuous improvement and extension of its own competence, it is also among its targets to establish strategic co-operations with partners outside the group. Thus, due to its growing engineering office network, the company will be able to meet special product development requirements as well.
In this spirit, after an earlier co-operation agreement with a Spanish design partner in the field of mechanical product development, Videoton recently entered into a strategic co-operation with a significant Italian electronic design company too.  
Shortly after the signature of the agreement in March 2012, the Italian and Hungarian team was invited to a large-scale tender. It was about the development of electronic platform and its mechanics needed to be installed of the next generation product of a renowned, high-end category household appliance. The Italian-Hungarian team also needs to take aesthetic aspects into consideration during the project development. The household appliances will include all up-to-date items to be energy saving, environment friendly and to meet the emerging "clever house" expectations; and will certainly support the design items reflecting the company's high quality demands.
Due to its strategy - the existing engineering activity within the company group combined with the capabilities of the new design partners outside the group - Videoton is able to position itself in more and more fields to the top of the added value chain. As a result of its efforts, the company is able not only to establish an even tighter strategic co-operation with its customers in the field of electronics and mechanics but also to make another big step towards its long-term target to become a supplier offering production as well as design and development services to its customers.

Videoton also participated in the AutoSEE 2012 conference

AutoSee conferenceAutoSEE 2012, one of the most significant automotive industrial conferences in the Central-Eastern and Southern European region was organised on 15-16 May 2012.  Videoton Holding Zrt. also participated in the event in Budapest.
Peter Lakatos, Videoton co-CEO delivered a speech “Supplying the Automotive Industry from Eastern Europe“, which was a huge success.
Videoton contributed to the success of the conference also by inviting the participants for a half-day factory tour in order to let them get an insight into the activities of a prominent contract manufacturer in Europe.
AutoSEE is the leading production, sourcing and supply chain event for the automotive sector bringing together an audience of senior executives from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Hungary. This year’s special focus was on new business developments in Hungary.

Success in special purpose machine production at Videoton

VT ASYST 03VT-ASYST Kft, the Videoton member company dealing with the design and production of special purpose machines, handed over a new production line to the Japanese owned Denso Gyártó Magyarország Kft.  The experts of the company made the production equipment in close co-operation with the customer, based on Japanese design.
The special purpose machine production became an independent company within the Videoton group this January. Last year the business unit accomplished more individual special purpose equipment and three stations of a new production line to the Székesfehérvár site of Denso. The particularity of the project is that the earlier versions of the production line were produced in Japan, this was the first time that part of it was made in Hungary.
The function of the machine is the laser etching and visual checking of the diesel injector produced. The whole implementation of the project – starting from the production and assembly of the mechanical parts of the equipment through the localisation of the design up to the installation – was done by VT-ASYST’s engineers supported by Japanese colleagues from Denso.
The extent of the order is beyond 70 million HUF.
Based on the positive feedback received from Denso, VT-ASYST trusts that the company may have the chance for the production of further parts – or even the whole – of the production line.
The customer already indicated its need for another production line of the same type. There is one further (100 million HUF) line – following the design, already in production phase – for Denso.
The co-operation between the two companies started in year 2000, and since that the Videoton company has supplied several production lines for the Székesfehérvár factory of the Japanese company.

New name - traditional activity

VTES 01The Videoton member company once called VT Informatika Kft - dealing with small, medium and high volume sheet metal processing as well as assembly activities - operates further as VT ES Kft (VT Enclosures & Stamping) from May 2011 onwards.  The change became necessary because the company wanted to grow further with clear profile under a name which clearly defines the company’s main circle of activities and market orientation.
Due to the investments made in the past years – among others CNC punching and bending machines, laser cutting equipment, powder spraying technology, new assembly hall – VT ES Kft started to accomplish its expansion plans with the most up-to-date machine park, extended capacity as well as higher efficiency and a new management.
Via the investments made last year (3D measurement equipment), being in process (establishment of a cell with welding robot) and planned for year 2012, the company on the one hand extends its complex service portfolio, on the other hand will be able to meet the special requirements of new market segments as well.
The success of this strategy is supported also by the fact that beside realising new businesses with its existing partners VT ES also started projects with several new customers in the domestic, German and Austrian markets.

The income of VT ES Kft in year 2011 reached 18 million Euro, realised by its three branches (mechanics, sheet metal processing, bar code) in two sites, in close to 12 000 m2 production area by 300+ number of employees. There is small and medium series production in the Székesfehérvár site from the simpler parts up to the complex final products in the field of industrial applications and medical industry. These products include also the metal structures of industrial refrigerators, financial terminals, traffic lights and cross control systems or even of complete modules related to waste water treatment. The high volume production is done in the Törökszentmiklós site of the company, where, beside the industrial segments, VT ES Kft focuses mainly on the automotive field. Thus the company is certified by not only ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 but also ISO TS 16949.

Special machine production goes independent

VT ASYST 02From the 1st of January 2012 the Special Machine Business Unit of VTES Kft. continues its operation as an independent member company of Videoton Holding Zrt. called VT-ASYST Kft. Thus in the future both VTES Kft. and VT-ASYST Kft. will be able to focus on their customers with clear profile and to grow further in the market.
The new name is the abbreviation of: VideoTon Automation SYStems & Testers.
The 50-man company supplies individual production and test equipment – including manual, semi-automatic and automatic assembly work stations, functional tester and measurement equipment, production lines, screwing and riveting machines as well as various individual production supporting special machines  – to the Hungarian factories of top TIER-1 companies.
VT-ASYST Kft. belongs to those few suppliers in Hungary who are able to provide complete solutions from design through part manufacturing and assembly to installation.