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VIDEOTON HOLDING’s revenue increased by 15% in 2015

vt2The VIDEOTON Group increased its revenue by more than 15% compared to 2014, exceeding 500 million EUR. The manufacturing subsidiaries of the group achieved more than yearly 10% growth in total for the 6th consecutive year. As a result, the group’s revenue practically doubled by 2015 compared to 2009. In 2015 the biggest growth came from the Group’s electronics production and assembly activities. The revenue of Videoton’s main core activities increased by more than 21%. The Automotive, Industrial Electronics and Household Appliances industries took equally a share in this growth. Videoton’s markets, technological background and competitiveness are stable while its capital strength is outstanding, being now above 295 million EUR.

The number of employees increased by 700 people in 2015 thus exceeding 10,000. Besides the approximately 6 million EUR worth of technological investment, the group spent more to the expansion and development of certain areas than usual. Increasing the quality of work environment, offices and changing rooms was a priority.

The various changes in the world – China getting more expensive, low interest rates, cheap energy and raw materials – created an exceptionally favourable situation for Hungary while the Hungarian economic environment ensured stable taxes and exchange rates. It is the totality of these elements that resulted in the high growth rate of Videoton for whom the lack of manpower may appear as a new obstacle in the future.

Videoton is the largest Hungarian industrial group in local private ownership and also one of the world’s TOP35 EMS companies that provides manufacturing and manufacturing-related services to industrial companies. The Székesfehérvár-based company has 9 locations in Hungary and 1 in Bulgaria (Stara Zagora).