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Videoton EAS Kft. has won the Pegasus prize

pegazus dij veasVideoton EAS Kft. dealing with electronic assembly has won the first place in market leader category among the most dynamically developing companies of the Western Hungarian region. Pegasus prize has been awarded for the fifth time since 2011 to the five-five most successful small and medium sized enterprises in two categories from three regions (Western Hungary, Central Hungary and Eastern Hungary). Based on their 2012 turnover, the companies have been awarded in emerging (turnover from 500 million HUF to 2.5 billion HUF) and market leader categories (turnover above 2.5 billion HUF). In choosing the winners, mainly the growth rate and its intensity in the last 3 years were taken into account as well as the transparency of the enterprises.
Videoton EAS which produces more than 800 types of electronic products deserved this award as they increased their annual turnover by 86% in total (from 7.8 billion HUF to 14.5 billion HUF) in the last 3 years. According to preliminary figures, the turnover of the Videoton subsidiary is expected to increaseby a further 20% in 2013 due to its competitive manufacturing services and dynamically developing international business relations. Beyond the more than 20 EU member states, they also deliver to overseas. The electronics produced by Videoton EAS support the safety of high-speed rail network in Europe, China, India and South America. They can also be found in high voltage power plants, boilers, smoke detectors and LED lights.