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Videoton had a prominently good year in 2013 too

turnover of videoton 2014Videoton industrial group increased its consolidated turnover expectedly by 12% in 2013, which means more than 110 billion HUF (370 million EUR). Electronic manufacturing by its 30% market share is still the most significant among the manufacturing services of the 5th largest European EMS company. Within electronics, especially the production for the Industrial and Automotive segments has grown but each market segment has contributed to the business success. Progress has been achieved also within the other activities of Videoton, like plastic injection moulding, stamping, machining, tooling and surface treatment.
The operation of the industrial group is supported by its nearly 80 billion HUF (270 million EUR) shareholder’s equity. The working capital grew by 6% compared to the previous year. A large part of the result is ploughed back in each year by the company therefore, due to its inner sources and financial power, it is capable to realize investments and development worth over a billion HUF without any bank credit. Last year the company spent 3 billion HUF (11.7 million EUR) on technological investments. (The number does not contain the value of the 150 newly bought Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses by which VT-ARRIVA participates in the public transportation of Budapest.) The headcount of the group increased by 5% (400 more employees) by the end of December therefore there are 8200 employees now. Beyond investments, the future progress of Videoton depends on human resources as well; therefore the development of this field has high priority in 2014.
Videoton, which provides complete solutions in Automotive, Household Appliances and Industrial Application as contract manufacturer, sees its successes in the right strategy, the good situation assessment, the careful risk management and the continuous development. This is proven by the fact that the group has been growing solidly and dynamically in the last 4 years (see graph). According to the forecasts, this progress keeps going on also in 2014.