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Videoton's involvement in product development

vt kozpontVideoton, as one of the leading contract manufacturers in Europe, considers it an important part of its strategy to become a partner of its customers in the field of not only production but also product development.
The Videoton group supplies several various products to lots of different industrial branches, so beside the continuous improvement and extension of its own competence, it is also among its targets to establish strategic co-operations with partners outside the group. Thus, due to its growing engineering office network, the company will be able to meet special product development requirements as well.
In this spirit, after an earlier co-operation agreement with a Spanish design partner in the field of mechanical product development, Videoton recently entered into a strategic co-operation with a significant Italian electronic design company too.  
Shortly after the signature of the agreement in March 2012, the Italian and Hungarian team was invited to a large-scale tender. It was about the development of electronic platform and its mechanics needed to be installed of the next generation product of a renowned, high-end category household appliance. The Italian-Hungarian team also needs to take aesthetic aspects into consideration during the project development. The household appliances will include all up-to-date items to be energy saving, environment friendly and to meet the emerging "clever house" expectations; and will certainly support the design items reflecting the company's high quality demands.
Due to its strategy - the existing engineering activity within the company group combined with the capabilities of the new design partners outside the group - Videoton is able to position itself in more and more fields to the top of the added value chain. As a result of its efforts, the company is able not only to establish an even tighter strategic co-operation with its customers in the field of electronics and mechanics but also to make another big step towards its long-term target to become a supplier offering production as well as design and development services to its customers.