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1 billion HUF revenue increase in the Videoton company group

legifotoThe Videoton company group increased its last year’s turnover with one billion HUF; following the 89.2 billion HUF in year 2010, reached 90.2 billion HUF in 2011.  Last year’s EBIT (Earnings before Interest and Taxes) was similar to the one reached in 2010; 6.7 billion HUF in year 2010 and 6.69 billion HUF in 2011. Earnings before taxes reached 8.6 billion HUF last year, compared to the 8.1 billion HUF in year 2010.
The company group employs roughly 8000 people altogether; the number of employees did not change last year in Hungary compared to year 2010, in Bulgaria however – as one of the main customers stopped its operation – decreased with 400 people.
Videoton extended its production capacities and gained several new businesses last year, which significantly contributed to the successfulness of the largest industrial company in Hungarian private ownership.
Two years ago the company group started an intense technological expansion, in the frame of which Videoton realised a 5 billion HUF investment last year.
This year, due to several new businesses and the exchange rate fluctuation, in spite of the shrinking European EMS market, Videoton increased its revenue with 2-3% in Euro and 8% in HUF compared to the similar period in 2011. The number of employees increased with 300 compared to end of last year.
The investment programme started two years ago in the company group continues still today; Videoton made an investment of 1 billion HUF up to now in 2012.  Roughly half of this investment is carried out in the Videoton companies making electronic assembly, working for the automotive industry and industrial electronics but there are improvements in the whole verticality. In the rest of the year the majority of the investment is not related to the electronic assembly segment. Videoton, being capitally strong, financed and finances the improvements from its own resources.  The value of this year’s developments – in spite of the expected slowdown of the European economy – is planned to reach 4 billion HUF.
For year 2012 Videoton does not plan new acquisitions but concentrates on the integration of two earlier acquired, successful businesses – a filter system and a fine mechanical systems production company.