industrial fej

Videoton has 11 active and 3 inactive locations in Hungary, Bulgaria and Ukraine from which 5 are also operating as industrial parks. From these industrial parks 4 can be found in Hungary and 1 in Bulgaria. Our industrial parks offer complete solutions tailored the needs of our partners. Beside the traditional industrial park services - like building rental, infrastructure and land lease - we can offer support in the realisation of the investments by providing facility management and operating the manufacturing activity as well. 

The industrial parks of Videoton are also able to provide additional services such as greenfield building construction, logistics & customs services, HR services and supply of different parts and subassemblies by the companies located in the industrial parks.

Infrastructural services

  • Electricity supply
  • Natural gas supply
  • Central compressed air supply
  • Heat energy supply
  • Water and sewage services
  • Telephone and data transmission services


  • Technical
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Labour
  • Duty

General services

  • Protection of the area and property
  • Post office services
  • Office services
  • Occupational health and other health care services
  • Meal
  • Manpower transportation
  • Transport of goods
  • Technical
  • Duty
  • Education and training
  • Park maintenance
  • Environmental protection
  • Accommodation
  • Holiday
  • Sport

Services supporting development

  • Innovation
  • Technology transfer
  • Contact with offices and authorities
  • Logistics