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Main services

  • CD-DVD replication: manufacturing of CD, DVD5/9/10 formats, screen or offset technology on the surface of CDs and/or DVDs depending on the customer’s need. Individual code can be applied to the disc.
  • DVD Authoring, premastering: production of the master necessary for the production, DVD menu creation, encoding, soundtrack and subtitle synchronization.
  • Mastering: production of CD/DVD stampers
  • Duplication: automated writing technology for small lots
  • Packaging: all sorts of industry standard and custom design packaging
  • Logistics: warehousing and forwarding services, customs clearance, labelling, barcoding
  • Others: graphic design, strategic relationship with print houses, forwarding 

Main markets

  • IT/PC (information technology, entertainment, telecommunication) industry: programmes, setup discs, manuals or even special purpose test discs
  • Magazine publishers: CD/DVD supplements
  • Legal publishers: legal publications, company news
  • Audio publishers: albums of classical and pop music, audio books
  • Educational publishers: language, game, music, documentary, presentation or even graduation tests or coaching materials
  • Movie publishers: movies, tales, cartoons and documentary

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